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With a commitment to transform tribal healthcare, our recruiters seek out passionate physicians, APCs and nurses who want to make their mark on the world, providing quality care to communities in great need.


Tribal Pro Staffing works directly with their clients to understand the needs of each facility and community. We will place you into the “right fit” facility so that you can provide exceptional health care to each and every patient.

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We work directly with providers to help them identify the right facilities for their care goals and ensure they receive ample support. We believe this extra effort translates to better care – and ultimately better communities.

Explore benefits

We know healthcare providers are committed to making a difference – but they need tools, resources and support to do so. Here’s a look at how Tribal Pro Staffing differs from other healthcare staffing agencies – and what it means to you:

Work-Life Balance

You have more time to do what you love, making your own schedule and decide where and when you will work.

Tuition Reimbursement

Through our Tribal Education Advancement Merit Scholarship (TEAMS) program, we offer fully paid tuition to ASU Online for our full-time employees and their immediate family members, whether pursuing medical careers or otherwise.

Robust Pay & Benefit

It’s no small task to serve in remote areas – often far from your loved ones – and we honor this sacrifice with high pay rates, a robust benefits package, 401(k), transportation and housing.

Flexible Contract Lengths

Whether you want a short-term contract or a long-term assignment, we offer providers total flexibility on locum length. However long you want to help, we work with our tribal partners to find the right assignment to fit your needs.

Unique Tribal Experience

Our assignments place you on the frontlines in Native American communities where persistently challenging healthcare conditions require physicians, nurses and other providers to approach care in creative and compassionate ways.

Fewer Administrative Headaches

Your days won’t be bogged down by tons of paperwork or endless meetings. Our approach is focused on improving the delivery-of-care model for the communities we serve. That’s why our team handles the paperwork — so you can focus on patients and improving care.

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If you’re looking for a change of pace and an environment where you can showcase your creativity, ingenuity and passion for high-quality care, come make a difference with us.

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